Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook: Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty & Other Soulful Reflections 

by MaMa Akosua Ali.Sabree is an illuminating guidebook designed to promote self-study; personal growth, and liberation.  It is an empowering collection of thoughtful and inspiring information that can be used privately or in a group. Chapters such as The ABCs of Meditation,” “Introduction to Chakras,” “The Nine Vital Keys,” “Nutritional Tidbits,” “Managing Dis-Stress,” and “The Merits of Forgiveness” are just a few of the treasures you will find in this guidebook. Emancipating Your Spirit presents a safe mirror to look at life and to rejoice at the wonder of it all. 
ISBN: 978-09727067-3-5

Five Secrets The Debt Collectors Don’t Want You To Know About: 
How To Make Your Credit Reports Clean as a Whistle! 

by Al Haji Salim Amir Ali- Ibn El, (the Money Man) brutally snitches on the  financial system; introduces a winning game plan while exposing US laws designed to keep the public from ever obtaining true capital wealth.  Long held myths,  illusions, and concealed documents are skillfully revealed.  Five Secrets provides resources and truths regarding money and debt.  In simple terms, the book presents concise plans on how to navigate successfully through the money labyrinth. 
ISBN: 978-09727067-2-8

We Surrender: A Collection of Inspirational Poems and Lyrical Verse 
is more than a tender poetry book.  It is a rhythmic combination of subtle mind joggers, of fond memories, of vivid calls to action, of ancestral remembrances, of joy, of passion, of witty call and response, and of personal visions shared in love.  The words reflect the experiences, thoughts, and perspicacity of the mother-daughter team known as Seasons of the Mind:  Akosua & Sakinah Ali-Sabree. This soulful book, full of positive inspiration, also includes a reflection guide and gentle reminders of just how Divine each reader truly is.
 ISBN: 978-0-9727067-0-4
Hair Piecez: The Anthology 
 edited by Akosua Ali.Sabree & Otu kwaku is a collection of thoughtful, inspiring and power packed verses. This book is revealing, funny, and on time! It is a wonderful example of original poetry, short stories, interviews, and beautiful artwork and photographs. The combined writings of thirty selected artists from across the country make for interesting and mind opening reading that will touch your heart, tickle your funny bone, and stir fond and noteworthy memories. This anthology provides reflection and truth in such a soulful way. The Anthology illustrates the significant role that our “natural-when-born” hair plays in shaping our individual and collective consciousness from birth to death and in between, especially in our quest for psychic liberation and self-realization.   
ISBN: 978-0-9727067-1-1
A Wholistic Guide to Health and Wellness: How to Achieve Peace,  Joy, and A Simple Life by Dr. Akosua Ali.Sabree  is a power packed little booklet that inspires a person to learn more and to do better when it comes to health and wellness.  A primer that provides useful information about detoxification, fasting, and living a simple life. 
 ISBN: 978-09818754-2-2

Spirituality and Understanding: Keys to Unity by Hassan Shamsud' Din
is a thought provoking book that promotes deep reflection and understanding in such a resourceful way. The content is in step with the modern times of the global community, especially of those believing in a higher power. This book certainly will stimulate discussion for now and years to come.
ISBN: 978-0-9818754-1-5

Help Me Find My Destiny: Message from a New Born Child
by Wendy Joan Stewart Arthur and Anthony Dorsey is a wonderfully illustrated family storybook with five track music CD. A plea from the new born child for guidance from father, mother, grandparents, ancestors and the supportive village of the world. This is the first of a 17 book series.
ISBN: 978-0-9818754-2-2
Parables of My Spiritual Journey by Sayida Ha'fiz 

Songs of Empowerment for Watoto

by Monzella "Mama Dee" Allen, a seasoned cultural educator shares a delightful and uplifting collection of songs and CD that will empower and educate the entire family. The attached musical CD provides the rhythm and catchy melody for the songs as well as enhance the positive energy generated when children, parents and other adults interact with the songbook. The book also contains two lively cultural games that all ages can participate in. 

​ISBN: 978-09818754-3-9