Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook: 
Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty, and Other Soulful Reflections
2020  Activities:

April 18, 2020
Mama Time: Queen Warriors and the Mothers Who Reared Them

Panel Discussion and book signing
Kuumba Family Institute 6801 North 16th Street, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119-
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Soulful Writing Encounters/ Workshops

 After the scheduled mini-workshop Otu and Akosua will conduct writing consultations the first and second Sundays from 2 PM until 7PM at the Amadi Wellness Connection. $20.00

Group Consultations include assistance with a variety of  writing projects (creating, editing, proofreading: essays, promotional materials, press releases, website copy, resume enhancement, conceptualizing book projects, reviewing manuscripts, coaching/ recommendations). 
By appointment. Call 215-438-8189 or Email: UjimaPRC@AOL.com

Come have tea, relax, learn, rediscover, and let your creative juices flow!

Soulful Writing Workshops ( 2 hours)

1. Releasing Your Inner Scribe 
Life presents many challenges such as loss of love ones, illnesses, financial woes, and other trials.  These life challenges can negatively affect your being, often rendering you at times moody, unable to function,  or just plain tired.  This therapeutic workshop helps you to explore journaling and ways to release your inner scribe, feel better, and create a pathway to a healthier and happier you.

2. Memories: Things I want you to remember
Many people run through their lives and never really savor the joys or lessons in their lives.  Writing a memoir is a special way of recalling those life changing moments that can become a cherished family treasure.  Get started now either for publication or just personal use. Write your life story.  Believe or not, everyone has a story to tell. This is an introductory workshop.  You do not have to be a writer to participate.

3. The Power of Words: Prose, Poetry, and Storytelling
Imagination, creativity, and originality do not come in a box, cannot be ordered online.  They stem from within and often just need a nudge or portal to be let loose.  Upgrade your knowledge base. Come explore the power of words, and let the feelings, ideas, and words flow.

4. Promotional Materials that spell quality and success
Often times a business card, brochure, introductory flyer and/or letter are the first exposure a potential client will encounter your business or organization. That exposure is your opportunity to make a good and lasting impression. This workshop is designed to provide participants with insight and tools to help your promotional materials to spell quality and success! 

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